We Went To One Of The Most Haunted Prisons In America, And Here's What Happened

    The prison that has a history of torment and death.

    On this episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural, Ryan and Shane investigated Eastern State Penitentiary to try and find out if ghosts are real.

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    Eastern State Penitentiary was opened in 1829 under the hopes of serving as a humane prison where labor, solitude, and discipline would make inmates "penitent."

    The rules and conditions the prisoners lived in were pretty harsh.

    While in solitary, silence was also enforced by prison guards, who allegedly abused the prisoners.

    Around 1866 solitary confinement was phased out, but then the prison became too crowded, leading to new problems.

    Then, there's Cell 49 in Cellblock 8, where an inmate named Joseph Havel stabbed his cellmate, George Kopp, with a pair of scissors.

    Ryan and Shane went directly into the cell and tried to communicate via a spirit box, and there was some potential interaction heard.

    There's also Cellblock 15, where whispers and a shadowy figure running have been reported.

    Interestingly, the penitentiary's most notable inmate was Al Capone.

    During their investigation, Ryan and Shane tried to communicate with Al Capone and other presences using the spirit box, and believe they may've gotten some responses.

    Additionally, Ryan and Shane explored the entryway for a tunnel that was dug by prisoners in a failed escape attempt.

    With a history of misery and death, many will continue to believe there are spirits roaming in its walls, but whether or not Eastern State Penitentiary is haunted remains unsolved.