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    We Tried Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Sushi Cheat Meal And We May Never Be The Same

    All aboard the sushi train!

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    Hey, we’re Chris and Krista and we’re both big fans of eating lots of food and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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    If you follow The Rock on Instagram (as you should) you’ve probably seen him post his epic “sushi train cheat meal” before.

    It doesn’t end at sushi though, The Rock often has an additional “cookie train,” featuring GIANT chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter smothered between 'em.

    Seeing The Rock showcase his glorious cheat meals so often might make one wonder, could I eat that much in one sitting?


    That's what happened to us, but it turns out we're not quite as large as The Rock, so while this is just a casual grub session for him, we knew it’d be a Man v. Food-style challenge for us both.

    The Rock’s sushi serving sizes seem to vary, but in one of his photos there were roughly 78 pieces counted, so that’s the number we decided to shoot for.

    We joined forces with the fine people at FujiSan Sushi to recreate our best impression of The Rock's glorious cheat meal.

    BuzzFeed, Krista Torres

    We also got some big-ass chocolate chip cookies and slathered peanut butter on ‘em so we could attempt to ride the cookie train too.

    It was finally time to get started and we were both pretty hyped because aside from the Hogwarts Express, what train could be more magical than ones chock-full of sushi and cookies?


    CHRIS: I was in such a rush to get started that I accidentally missed Krista’s invitation to cheers clank our first piece of sushi marking the commencement of this journey.

    I've always been a very fast eater, so in typical me fashion, I got off to a quick start and inhaled the first 10 pieces. Although it wasn't my strategy initially, I think I ate so fast that my body didn't even have time to register that food was entering it, so I wasn't the least bit full.

    KRISTA: Guys. The smell of the room was...VERY FISHY. I absolutely love sushi, so I was excited about this, but like, the smell was a bit intense for me. I felt like I needed a pep talk (i.e., "cheers we can do this") before I began, but Chris was apparently in the mood to whip my ass in this eating challenge. That being said, the first piece was as delightful as I imagined and I was ready to try all the different kinds that laid before me.


    CHRIS: The next 10 pieces were honestly just as special as the first 10. It was like rewatching a movie that you loved the first time around, and noticing cool new details you didn't catch before. That was me, learning to appreciate the nuanced sushi in brand new ways.

    KRISTA: After ten pieces of sushi, I think I was at a pretty good spot in the challenge. That's like a roll and a half, so I wasn't too full. I was feeling good and picking my favorite ones – anything with tuna. At this point I was one with the smell of fish. I became the fish.


    CHRIS: I was fine and then at around 30 pieces, RICE HAPPENED. It felt as if it all suddenly expanded in my stomach. I was bloated, I was sleepy, and I slowed down big time. I'd weakly pick up a piece of sushi with my chopsticks and shakily bring it to my mouth, slowly chewing on it for a minute before reluctantly swallowing. I was no longer riding the sushi train, the sushi train was riding me.

    KRISTA: It's not the fish that makes you feel full, it's definitely the rice. The rice started to hold me back — and the possibility of mercury poisoning, which I would be lying if I didn't say it was in the back of my mind. That being said, I was still loving the taste of every lil' sushi bit, but also my stomach was starting to tell me to stop before something terrible happened.


    CHRIS: No matter how much food I eat, I've ALWAYS got a taste for dessert. Unfortunately, the sushi had me so close to full capacity that I couldn't give those beautiful cookies the proper lovin' they deserved.

    I finished a single giant cookie, but I felt bad force feeding myself cookies that others could thoroughly enjoy. So, I gave them away to co-workers who could provide them with the respect and care they deserved.

    KRISTA: I love sweets, and while I do favor cake over cookies, these really hit the mark for me. I think since I have this idea that sushi is "healthy," it didn't necessarily feel like a cheat meal. I just felt overly full of fish. But once the cookies came I was like, OK, bring in the ACTUAL cheating part. I've never tasted a better chocolate chip cookie in my life, but my stomach couldn't handle more than half of one (one cookie probably equaled like four regular-sized cookies). Also, Mr. Rock, I must say I am anti peanut butter on cookies. Don't fix something that isn't broke!


    CHRIS: The Rock is a legend and I have so much respect for his appetite, but I think I'm going to leave the massive cheat meals to him moving forward. Don't get me wrong, this was a blast and it gave me the opportunity to eat boatloads of FujiSan's sushi, but I was full for the next 24 hours and it wasn't just, "I'm not hungry" full, it was like "I need to lie on something soft while my body tries to process the onslaught of food I just dumped into it.

    KRISTA: I stan the Rock and his cheat meals. Kuddos to him for being the sushi hero we all wish we could be. As for me – someone who is 88% fat, 7% skin, 4% brain, and 1% muscle – eating this big of a cheat meal was quite the challenge. Out of all the eating challenges Chris and I have done, this was by far my favorite, even though I lost. It's OK, though, because I figured I'd let him win for once. Until the next challenge!