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15 Unexpected Photos Of Things That Never Crossed Your Mind But Are Truly Interesting To See

Welcome to the museum of unexpectedly fascinating sights.

1. This polished coconut.

A smooth, shiny coconut
Roctopus420 / Via

2. This healthy, green tumbleweed before it dies and rolls around.

A green, healthy tumbleweed
doctor_recommended / Via

3. The flames from a gas stove burner without the metal covers.

Flames shoot high above gas stove burners that aren't protected by typical metal covers
Febtober2k / Via

4. This ivy wall that fell down.

The layer of vines from an ivy wall are piled on the ground while the wall is bare
slddngwthtgrs / Via

5. This view above office ceiling tiles.

Various wires hang and pipes run through the dimly lit, spacious area above the ceiling
jxryft / Via

6. This paint before being stirred.

Unstirred paint has swirls of black, yellow, and red amongst cloudy orange
Kids_Jelly / Via

7. This broken car antenna that looks like a sinking boat.

A broken car antenna strongly resembles a boat partially submerged in water
LoIIip0p / Via

8. This look at a fire hydrant before installation.

A fire hydrant lays in the street and it's much taller than one might accept when it's not partially embedded in the ground
jphgross / Via

9. These three M&M's in a dish of water creating color barriers.

Portions of water in a circular dish are yellow, red, and blue, from the coating of M&M's
bananaboat95 / Via

10. This look at what happens when dish soap gets put in a water fountain.

A large flood of foamy suds pours onto grass from a fountain
Erectile_Crocodile / Via

11. This marble that was heated over a flame, then dropped in cold water.

A cracked, bright blue marble resembles a disco ball
unicornheabutt / Via

12. This firework photograph taken at just the right time to make it look like a burning palm tree blowing in the wind.

A firework looks like a palm tree with its leaves on fire and being blown back by a gust of wind
cristianthechinch / Via

13. The S labels on these Skittles that came off and floated to the surface of a glass of wine.

Three S logos from Skittles float atop a glass of wine
DevinJet / Via

14. This negative picture of a negative picture on a phone.

A negative photo of a negative photo of a map on a cell phone makes the map show up perfectly clear
jman678 / Via

15. And finally, this look at the tanks and equipment underground at a gas station.

Large tanks and machinery covered in dirt are underground at a gas station
planemaster / Via

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