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    28 Times The Universe Said, "Hey, I'm Going To Troll This Person Specifically"

    What are the chances...

    1. When this shadow seemed to make a conscious effort to not provide shade to this car.

    2. When this person parked in isolation and still had a small aircraft crash land on their car.

    3. When a freezing pipe burst had tons of floors and parking spaces to choose from, and it selected this person's car.

    4. When this water main decided to gush on one particular house.

    5. When this sprinkler decided to spray at one particular human.

    6. When this person got room 208, which apparently isn't anywhere.

    7. When these two discarded tires really seemed to target this poor white car.

    8. When this cloud flipped someone off.

    9. When the sunlight chose to creep through the blinds, RIGHT to where someone's face would be resting on a pillow.

    10. When this fork looked like it was giving someone the finger after annihilating their tire.

    11. When this leak found its sole target.

    12. When this vending machine held onto someone's snack by a matter of inches.

    13. When this vending machine held onto someone's sandwich and then sabotaged their plan to free it.

    14. When this person had the only seat on the plane with a non-functioning screen.

    15. When this cabinet broke loose shortly after someone installed a glass stove top.

    16. When this truck seemed to be really angry at everyone named Bart.

    17. When this sinkhole only wanted this one person's car.

    18. When this rain decided to drench everyone in this particular radius.

    19. When this sign seemed to blame anyone named David.

    20. When TWO trees fell and sandwiched in this car, though this actually could have gone worse.

    21. When it actually went worse.

    22. When this person was given the most uncomfortable-looking seat.

    23. When this fortune cookie seemed pretty dang rude to someone.

    24. When the wasps decided to build a nest right on the bottle of spray that could eliminate them.

    25. When this bird didn't just fly into the window, which is already said to be a bad omen — it flew inside this person's home and left a parting gift on their laptop.

    26. When this slice of cake threatened someone's life.

    27. When this spider ignored all of the outdoor world and built a home in this person's vehicle.

    28. And finally, when these people with matching cars met each other in the worst possible way.