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    17 Homes You’ve Seen On TV And What They Look Like Off-Screen

    It should've been called "The Fresh Prince of Brentwood."

    1. Danny Tanner and company's home on Full House.

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution, Map Data: Google

    2. The Pearson family's home on This Is Us (before it burned down).

    NBC, Map Data: Google

    3. Rachel and Monica's apartment on Friends, which is a real building in Manhattan.

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution, Map Data: Google

    4. The house Walt and Skyler lived in on Breaking Bad.

    AMC, Map Data: Google

    The owners of the home actually had to put up a fence because fans were throwing pizzas on the roof.

    5. The Banks' giant home from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which is actually in Brentwood.

    NBC, Map Data: Google

    6. This is the house from Family Matters as of 2017, though it'll be demolished and replaced by a three unit residence.

    Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, Map Data: Google

    7. The home from American Horror Story: Murder House.

    FX, Map Data: Google

    8. The Alexandria housing community that many characters on The Walking Dead made a home of.

    AMC, Bill On The Road / Via

    9. The home from Golden Girls, which takes place in Miami, even though the house is located in Los Angeles.

    Disney–ABC Domestic Television, Map Data: Google

    10. The house the Wheelers live in on Stranger Things.

    Netflix, Map Data: Google

    11. The house Kevin Arnold and his family lived in on The Wonder Years.

    New World Television, Map Data: Google

    12. The mansion Vince and his crew lived in for multiple seasons on Entourage.

    HBO, Map Data: Google

    13. The apartment the gang lives in on New Girl.

    Fox, Map Data: Google

    14. The house they lived in on The Brady Bunch, which has undergone some significant changes over the years.

    CBS, Map Data: Google

    15. The Draper house as seen on Mad Men's pilot episode, though it changed in later episodes.

    AMC, Map Data: Google

    16. This is the area the Matthews family from Boy Meets World lived in, though the surrounding area looks slightly unkempt these days.

    Disney, Map Data: Google

    17. And finally, even though it's not a house, here's the Dunder Mifflin building that served as home to The Office.

    NBC, Map Data: Google