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    I Watched The New True Crime Series On Netflix Called "Evil Genius" Because People Are Saying It's Crazy And Here's How It Was

    The first 10 minutes will have you hooked!

    Lately I've been watching stuff on Netflix, from horror to teen drama, but today I'm going to take a turn from scripted movies to a TRUE CRIME story called Evil Genius.

    There's been a lot of chatter on Twitter about how incredible Evil Genius is...

    When I see folks hype something up like this, I can't help but watch it for myself. So, the time arrived to see if Evil Genius is as compelling as everyone's been saying...


    The story opens by briefly introducing a woman named Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, who is described as "captivating."

    I know the Evil Genius poster literally says, "a man walks into a bank with a bomb locked around his neck," but I was still taken aback to see actual footage of A MAN IN A BANK WITH A BOMB LOCKED AROUND HIS NECK two minutes into the episode.

    So, a pizza delivery guy named Brian Wells casually robbed a bank with a bomb around his neck. He walked in, handed the teller a note with instructions, then left with the cash.

    The police caught up to Wells shortly thereafter and they're like, "Oh, shit, this dude has a bomb around his neck, let's cuff him, sit him on the ground, and see how this plays out from long distance."

    Wells is super chill considering the circumstances. He nonchalantly asks police for help removing the device. I'd make a bigger scene if you told me I had a spider on my shirt than he did about a bomb on his neck.

    THEN, the bomb started beeping and Wells immediately gets more anxious.

    SPOILER ALERT: The bomb eventually goes off and it's pretty damn shocking to watch, even if you know it's coming.

    There are so many odd details surrounding this case!

    Oh, also, his "cane" was actually a cane gun. Yes, a freakin' loaded gun hidden within the confines of a cane. Like, are you a real life human or a Batman villain?

    Wells had been given notes with instructions, so it seems like he was being forced to do this...

    So the first half of the first episode was madness, but the second half manages to get even crazier.


    It's believed that the notes were typed, printed, and traced onto a new piece of paper so that it'd be difficult to match the handwriting.

    So towards the end of the episode, it sounds like detectives are pretty stumped about the collar bomber mastermind's identity. Then, the focus shifts back to Marjorie, the woman discussed during the opening of the episode.

    Then, we're told that three weeks after Wells died, a dude named Bill Rothstein called the police. Here's how the conversation went.