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I Watched This New Movie On Netflix Called “Dude” Because People Are Saying It’s The Worst And Here’s How It Was

"Dude on Netflix was the worst movie ever."

Recently I watched the alleged scariest and saddest movies on Netflix. After all of those emotions, I'm looking for something chill. Something bad. Something so bad, in fact, that I won't be able to get invested.

Here's a sampling of some of the tweets about Dude.

Here's what Dude is about according to Netflix:

It's listed as a comedy/drama geared towards teens, so I'm going to go in with an open, teenage-Chris mindset and see how this plays out.

Oh no. The movie opens with a group of four friends smoking and performing a brief, awkward rap cypher of sorts. Rocky start.

So it's prom night and they're really trying to set the tone...

Within the first 10 minutes one of the characters, Thomas, dies in a car accident.

Interesting. Now the movie has jumped forward a year. So far it's 45% people sad over Thomas's death, 45% vulgar sex stuff, 10% smoking weed.

So Friend One has she and Friend Two's future together planned out, but Friend Two is secretly considering attending a different college.

I'm not the most familiar with teen lingo these days, but I feel like a lot of the dialogue in this movie is unrealistic and it's distracting.

This is such a strict parent take, but Dude's teenage lewdness feels kind of excessive.

I'm disappointed in this movie but I don't know what I expected considering Netflix's synopsis is extremely accurate.

So Friend One found out Friend Two has different college plans. She also discovered that Friend Three and Friend Four knew about Friend Two's plans, and she was the only one out of the loop.

I'll spare you details, but the last 30 minutes (one-third of the entire movie) ties the group of friends back together.

There are two things in particular that fully ruined Dude for me.

The second, more concerning thing is that this movie has a rape scene that's casually glossed over for the most part.