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There’s This Movie On Netflix That People Are Saying Is So Sad It’ll Make You Actually Cry, So I Watched It And Here’s How It Went

An emotional person vs. an emotional movie.

I recently watched a film some people said was the scariest movie on Netflix, Veronica. Now that I've gotten a healthy dose of horror, I'd like to get in touch with my emotions by watching the saddest movie on Netflix.

Here's what Irreplaceable You is about, according to Netflix:

WARNING: Contains minor spoilers.

I can tell from the description alone that this is going to ruin me, but without further ado, it's time to take a feel trip.

The movie opens with the main character, Abbie, already dead. Her voiceover reveals that she's talking to you from the afterlife.

Wow, they show how Abbie and Sam first met when they were children and it's adorable.

OK, I got emotionally invested in this relationship within the first 15 minutes.

Heads up, instead of playing "Where do I know this talented actor from?" for several minutes like I did: Abbie is played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

I can appreciate that there's still some humor infused into what seems to be heading toward a very sad story.

There are Christopher Walken and Kate McKinnon sightings!

Abbie is going to great lengths to scout out potential new boos for Sam when she dies.

Sam gets upset with Abbie when he finds out she's been trying to set him up with other women, and he slips up and says something that hurts her feelings.

Sam is being wack. First he was mad that Abbie created the dating profiles, then he acted cool with it, now he's mocking her for buying a ring for him to propose to his future partner with.

So Abbie and Sam have been taking space since their last argument and — without going into detail — Sam does something stupid and shitty, which leads to Abbie telling him not to touch her.

In the past few minutes, MULTIPLE BAD, SAD THINGS HAVE HAPPENED TO ABBIE. Not just to her, but to someone she cared for. It's brutal.

There are only 21 minutes left and we are at Abbie's lowest point thus far. I'm worried that's not enough time to tie together loose ends and give this story proper closure.

So, Abbie comes to the conclusion that she should save her relationship.

OK something big happens when Abbie goes to meet Sam and I'll let you choose to watch the movie for yourself or click to spoil it.

So, after the big thing happens, there's a final scene that involves Sam reading a letter from Abbie and IT WILL RUIN YOU.