12 Stories Of People Experiencing A Glitch In The Matrix That’ll Freak You Out

    These are stories of unexplainable happenings.

    The following stories are from multiple AskReddit threads found here, here, and here.

    1. The wife who was seen in two different spots.

    2. The creepy driver and his unconscious passengers.

    3. The couple who dreamed something very specific.

    4. The dream that came true.

    5. The mom who was in two places.

    6. The guys who somehow lost an hour of life.

    7. The man who briefly had a second life.

    8. The orange doll that refused to go away.

    9. The woman with the roses who must've like teleported or something.

    10. The magical, refilling dozen boiled eggs.

    11. The dreams that warned of disaster.

    12. The mystery man seen sitting on the bench every day.