"Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse" Might Be The Most Detailed Movie Of All Time, Here Are 19 Of Its Coolest Little Details

    Into the detail-verse.

    1. Right when the first Peter Parker introduces himself as "the one and only Spider-Man," a sign in the background says "WRONG."

    2. At the start of the movie, when Miles arrives to class late, the teacher is showing a video of Olivia Octavius aka Doc Ock.

    3. When Miles is at his Uncle Aaron's apartment, a clip of Donald Glover wearing a Spider-Man shirt from Community Season 2, Episode 1 is playing. The episode aired shortly after the #DonaldForSpiderMan campaign back in 2010.

    4. When Miles and Aaron head out to do graffiti, a subway speeds by and if you freeze it at the right moment, you'll spot Stan Lee.

    5. The number 42 is placed in the movie as a reference to Jackie Robinson, the first black player in MLB. Miles Morales is the first Afro-Latino superhero. You see Miles laying between the numbers four and two after he falls from a building, and the spider that originally bit him was numbered 42.

    6. When Miles electrocutes Peter B. Parker, we see his nervous system lit up instead of the skeleton you typically see in animated works.

    7. The background of Times Square is FILLED with details. FedEx is called RedEx, Steph Curry is a golfer instead of an NBA player (he does golf IRL), the movie Bridesmaids is called Baby Shower, and Starbucks is called Il Giornale, which was the name of coffee outlets opened by Howard Schultz before he rebranded them to Starbucks...

    8. You can also see Snapchat is called Picaboo, which was its original name, Shaun of the Dead is called From Dusk Till Shaun, an ad for a Seth Rogen movie called Hold Your Horses, and Planet Hollywood is called Planet Inglewood.

    9. When Miles and Peter B. Parker fall in the middle of the street, Stan Lee can be spotted stepping over them.

    10. The pennant and medal hanging in Miles' room resembles the Deadpool symbol.

    11. When Miles falls from the ceiling, if you pause at just the right moment, you'll catch his eyes popping out of his head.

    12. When Gwen arrives in an alternate New York, we see a sign for Backrub, which is what Google was originally called. We also see a poster referencing Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book album cover.

    13. Since Peni doesn't have spider powers that allow her to stick to a surface, she has to squeeze between Gwen and Miles when the group is hiding from Miles' roommate on the ceiling.

    14. When the group is preparing to take down Kingpin, Peni Parker's robot says, "怖い" which translates to "I'm scared" in English.

    15. When Miles makes his "Leap of faith" jump, he's across the street from a bank called TRUST US.

    16. You can spot the FLDSMDFR from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs being sucked into the collider.

    17. Late in the movie, Gwen and Peter B. Parker are blown away by Miles' moves that they didn't teach him. Miles is doing what he saw his world's Peter Parker do toward the start of the movie.

    18. When Miles swings by at the end, there's a delivery truck with the color and look of UPS, labeled USB.

    19. And finally, Stan Lee can be also QUICKLY be spotted on a train Miles swoops along.