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24 Signs That Prove There Are Actual Monsters Walking Among Us

There's a person responsible for each of these signs being posted.

You ever see a sign posted somewhere, and it's clear that someone did something awful to prompt it? Well, today we're going to look at some signs that show just how obnoxious, inconsiderate, and downright awful people have been.


1. This sign posted at a restaurant to stop people from making TikToks at the expense of other customers.

2. This sign for whoever put poo-covered clothes in a community washer.

3. This sign for whoever stole their neighbor's food delivery.

4. This sign for the monsters throwing things at the window to antagonize this adorable pup.

5. This sign for people cracking open milk and using it for their coffee as if the dairy section is their refrigerator.

6. This sign for travelers who have the audacity to complain about communication barriers in a place where English isn't the primary language.

7. This sign for the nasty individuals peeing in bottles and trashing them instead of going to the bathroom.

8. This sign for someone who stole a premature baby's clothes.

9. This sign for people doing terrible things in dressing rooms.

10. This sign for people who tried turning a cemetery into a park.

11. This sign for the noisy arguers in an apartment complex.

12. This sign for someone who stole an iPad and was caught on camera doing it.

13. This sign for whoever improperly disposed of their dog poo and harmed horses.

14. This sign for whoever robbed someone's garden.

15. This sign for whoever stole someone's grandmother's ashes.

16. This sign for the parents who overreact to their kid's sports games.

17. This sign for a doormat thief who got caught on camera.

18. This sign for someone strangely stealing bird feeders.

19. This sign for someone who stole a wheelchair as if it were a freebie.

20. This sign for people who were opening and testing condoms.

21. This sign for the litterers using a tree as a trash can.

22. This sign for someone who broke into someone's house after seeing that they'd been taken away by an ambulance.

23. This sign for people scamming for sandwiches.

24. And finally, this sign for people stealing from a freakin' library.

H/T: r/trashy