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    17 Times People Overshared That Belong In The "We Get It, You've Had Sex" Hall Of Fame

    So much secondhand embarrassment.

    1. This person who was eager to tell an acquaintance he hadn't talked to in a while that he started the New Year with a bang.

    2. This person who wrote and commented on their own status about nookie.

    3. This person who started a conversation just to announce their sexual activity.

    4. This couple's shirts.

    5. This person proclaiming on social media that they need even larger condoms.

    6. This person who told her dorm neighbor she was going to have "really loud" sex that day, then followed up with this text.

    7. This person who wore a shirt that lets everyone know what he donates.

    8. This person who went to Facebook to apologize for having loud sex instead of just going directly to their roommates.

    9. This person who really left this comment on a small town's group Facebook.

    10. This person who has totally had sex AT LEAST 18 times.

    11. This person who is making it very clear they are well-versed when it comes to sex.

    12. This person who responded with unnecessary detail after being invited over.

    13. This person's Tinder bio.

    14. And this person's Tinder bio.

    15. This person who was given a wrong number, but don't get it twisted, they still have so much sex.

    16. This guy's shirt.

    17. This person who was expressing sadness that their dog died in the group chat, when someone said...