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15 Entitled People Who Will Make You So Incredibly Mad

Some people really have no shame.

1. This person who felt they deserved a cake from their coworker.

yoofka / Via

2. This person who felt entitled to Hulu.

BlindKraken / Via

3. This person who was trying to find a way to get more than the free chair being offered.

JstnBrc / Via

4. This person who got rude because their low offer wasn't accepted.

XXXodiac / Via

5. This person's rude comment because they couldn't get a stereo system for free.

Ewich13 / Via

6. This person using Tinder to request Korean BBQ.

plaid-knight / Via

7. This person acting as if wanting compensation for your work is a bad thing.

Maniel_Ravina / Via

8. This person who somehow managed to ruin being offered two free used laptops, respectively.

dxxdi / Via

9. This person who doesn't understand that something is being given away for free to whoever will pick it up.

Itsholymolyguacamole / Via

10. This person casually requesting a skilled photographer to shoot their wedding FOR FREE.

animeslayer1337 / Via

11. This person who asked for $100 less than the asking price... Then another $9 as well.

hepoind / Via

12. This person who thought they'd get a bunch of logos drawn for free and take their pick from 'em.

ethanbordonaro / Via

13. This person who feels like they deserve to be able to borrow other people's belongings.

ma-kat-is-kute / Via

14. This person who thinks friends don't lend — they give.

danielmarkwright / Via

15. This person who can't fathom paying for materials to have something built.

mizeat_wizad / Via

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