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15 Entitled People Who Will Make You So Incredibly Mad

Some people really have no shame.

1. This person who felt they deserved a cake from their coworker.

2. This person who felt entitled to Hulu.

3. This person who was trying to find a way to get more than the free chair being offered.

4. This person who got rude because their low offer wasn't accepted.

5. This person's rude comment because they couldn't get a stereo system for free.

6. This person using Tinder to request Korean BBQ.

7. This person acting as if wanting compensation for your work is a bad thing.

8. This person who somehow managed to ruin being offered two free used laptops, respectively.

9. This person who doesn't understand that something is being given away for free to whoever will pick it up.

10. This person casually requesting a skilled photographer to shoot their wedding FOR FREE.

11. This person who asked for $100 less than the asking price... Then another $9 as well.

12. This person who thought they'd get a bunch of logos drawn for free and take their pick from 'em.

13. This person who feels like they deserve to be able to borrow other people's belongings.

14. This person who thinks friends don't lend — they give.

15. This person who can't fathom paying for materials to have something built.