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    19 Screenshots Of People Being Charged Ridiculous Fees That Honestly Sound Made Up

    Convenience fees for printing tickets at home? That seems fair.

    It's pretty annoying how everything costs money, right? As if groceries, necessities, and bills don't already account for plenty of spending, there are also additional things called "fees" that companies like to casually tack on to purchases. Let's take a look at some of the most outrageously unjustifiable fees you'll ever see.

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    1. This hefty "convenience fee" for purchasing a ticket over the internet.

    2. This nonsense fee for "digital delivery."

    3. This hotel room that went from $99 to $732.89 real quick.

    4. This large fee FOR PAYING RENT.

    5. This fee for handling a refund that's basically the full amount of said refund.

    6. This asinine bonus charge for "email delivery."

    7. The trio of fees that equate the entire cost of a ticket.

    8. These fees being charged FOR MAKING A DONATION.

    9. This fee for being not being active enough.

    10. This fee for canceling a membership.

    11. This fee to pass through (and the silly stipulation that charges more if you don't have exact change).

    12. The delivery fees for pizza that apparently don't go to the driver for some reason, according to the box.

    13. These fees that totaled over 80 smackaroos, including a $10 facility charge, all for some digital tickets.

    14. This "administrative fee" that's 10 TIMES the toll.

    15. This foolish shipping and handling fee to send a PDF over email.

    16. These fees that made two tickets for $43 turn into two tickets for $93.

    17. This gift card that charged a fee because it wasn't used quickly enough.

    18. These fees for a semester of school that was taking place fully online (despite that campus charge).

    19. And finally, this almost comical fee to print tickets at home, using one's own ink and paper.