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    33 Mind-Blowing Photos Of Times When Things Lined Up So Freakin' Perfectly

    Shockingly perfect alignment!

    1. The line on the basketball that's perfectly matched with the monitor it's sitting under.

    2. This plane's design that aligns with the mountains in the back.

    3. This person's reflection that fits perfectly in the chair on the other side of the window.

    4. This stop sign blocking a GameStop sign but still reading "GameStop."

    5. The design on this RV that perfectly aligns with the mountains.

    6. These two boxes of rice that are different brands and sizes but complete a plate of food when their front covers come together.

    7. These bushes that perfectly line up with this vehicle's tires.

    8. This person's pants that line up with the edge of the cliff and make their bottom half look see-through.

    9. This bee that lines up perfectly with the shoe stitches.

    10. This wrapping paper that perfectly aligned Charlie Brown's head with Snoopy's body.

    11. This person's "miles" and "trip" numbers that have fallen in perfect sequence.

    12. This poster of Daryl from The Walking Dead that lines up with the backpack on the hanger.

    13. This person on the bag of chips who lines up with this IRL person's face.

    14. This cat that's positioned perfectly in front of a deer skull, making it appear to have antlers.

    15. The perfectly straight line of bubbles in this beer.

    16. This IRL set of cords that lines up perfectly with the cords on TV.

    17. This shadow that lines up so distinctly, it makes this appear to be two different photos.

    18. This rock that found the perfect shoe sole to fit into.

    19. The wing of this plane that perfectly aligns with the clouds and the sky.

    20. The reflection of these buildings that makes them blend in with the background.

    21. This dog that lay in alignment with the silhouette of the rug's pig design.

    22. The perfect alignment of the sun at the end of this street.

    23. This real pickle that aligns with the pickle displayed on the jar.

    24. These cereal boxes that fit perfectly standing next to each other.

    25. Or these two boxes of cereal that are facing different directions but align to spell "Kellogg's."

    26. Or these two boxes of cereal that can be aligned to make it appear the Cap'n is scooping up a different brand.

    27. This perfectly paused movie that aligned the title with the actor's eyes.

    28. This Homer Simpson doormat that aligns with the tile floor it's on.

    29. This box's shadow that perfectly fits the ground's cracks.

    30. These pieces of chicken that perfectly fit the birds designed on the plate.

    31. The holes in these shoes that perfectly align with the character's eyes on these socks.

    32. This sunlight that stops in perfect alignment with the streetlight.

    33. And finally, this IRL cat that's lined up with this cat ornament in a really confusing way.