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    15 Times Things Lined Up So Perfectly It Doesn't Even Seem Real

    What are the chances?

    1. This quick moment that looks like Erin Andrews is blowing players away.

    Fox / Via

    2. This bird that looks like it's just chillin' on that scoreboard graphic.

    Zenturian / Via

    3. This coach who walks away at just the right moment, making him disappear behind the person walking by.

    pretty_good_ / Via

    4. This coach who kicked the hell out of this animated soccer ball graphic.

    dutrawho / Via

    5. This TV's cord that lines up perfectly with the microphone on its screen.

    waltzingcatfish / Via

    6. This swing from Joe Mauer that shattered a block of digital ice.

    MLB / Via

    7. This guy's shirt that lines up perfectly with the mountain and makes him appear hollow.

    finger_the_shark / Via

    8. This Pokémon, Lapras, seemingly leaping out of the way of oncoming traffic.

    XangoldMan / Via

    9. This referee handing out a red card that lines up perfectly with the digital red card.

    james_lightning / Via

    10. This man's hand and his iPad screen flipping at the exact same time.

    bobcobble / Via

    11. This shot of Usain Bolt striking a pose that makes it appear he's pointing to NBC's Olympics logo.

    NBC / Via

    12. This title card graphic seemingly startling wrestler Dean Ambrose.

    WWE / Via

    13. This newsperson who appears to be using the Force to move this vehicle.

    LEOtheNERDO / Via

    14. This placement of two cereal boxes that have the Cap'n looking like a thief.

    tangod47 / Via

    15. And finally, this referee who appears to have transformed into a trophy thanks to the animated graphic.

    poundfortheguy / Via

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