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    May 21, 2020

    17 Of The Funniest Tweets About The Discovery Of "Evidence" That A Parallel Universe Exists

    Your life is a movie (and it's sci-fi).

    Recently you may have seen headlines about an "upside-down cosmic ray shower" that could serve as evidence of a parallel universe in which time moves backward.

    New York Post / Via

    I truly need an expert to explain this to me like I'm 5, but I'll do my best to break down in elementary school terms what I've read repeatedly: So, a giant balloon was used to carry NASA's Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (aka ANITA) high above.

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    It seems that researchers were looking for "high-energy particles arriving from space." In the process, they found a high-energy particle "exploding out of the ground." Researchers said this isn't standard and could be a physics phenomenon, which quickly turned into: THERE'S A PARALLEL UNIVERSE WHERE TIME MOVES BACKWARD AND IT'S 100% CONFIRMED.

    Manjik / Getty Images

    As the tweet below from a quoted researcher indicates, things were blown out of proportion. Personally, I LOVE all theories regarding aliens, parallel universes, and astrophysics, and so did a lot of folks on Twitter, who fired off these quality jokes about the newly "discovered" parallel universe.

    Me: We looked at these ANITA events and they can't be standard neutrinos. They were probably a result of our imperfect understanding of the Antarctic ice, but there's a chance some new physics phenomenon is responsible. Tabloids: PARALLEL UNIVERSE!!!


    @ NASA pls send me to the parallel universe


    NASA: we may have detected a parallel universe !! mankind:


    My parallel universe self after seeing how ghetto our earth is


    aight y’all i’m going to the parallel universe, dm me if you want something


    So the reason we get deja vu is cause other parallel universe self already experienced it???


    Me, choking my parallel universe doppelganger who has a better life than me so I can take his place.


    me and my girls going to the parallel universe nasa just discovered


    Me linking up with my parallel universe doppelgangers across the multiverse


    Surprised at the lack of “would you have sex with your parallel universe self” discourse on here today


    What if....That parallel universe that NASA discovered is actually the normal one + we are living in the upside down? Because..............


    Me: I love space and astrophysics 2020: NASA might have found evidence of a parallel universe Me: Can we fucking not?


    @nicoleelements @itsmegama what if when you die you actually just enter this parallel universe and go back in time until you’re born again where you would then re-enter this universe and its a cycle that goes on forever??? *hits blunt* 😳😳😳


    How imma switch lives with me in the parallel universe without telling him my life suck


    when me and my parallel universe self finally link up


    meanwhile, in the parallel universe.


    i hope parallel universe me is having a good day


    i have a girlfriend you don’t know her she lives in the parallel universe

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