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18 Pareidolia Examples That Prove It's The Creepiest Psychological Phenomenon

Perception is a trip.

If you don't know what pareidolia is, it's basically when you see something unrelated (e.g., a face) in an inanimate object. Here's an example — this draining water in a sink looks like a wide-open eye. Creepy!

1. This GIGANTIC face in these clouds that looks like something you'd call the Avengers to save the world from:

2. This bush that looks like a grumpy person staring out of their window:

3. The creepy shadow faces coming from these crumpled pieces of paper:

4. The face of a woman seen in the background of this forest:

5. This sleepy coffee cup that looks like it could use a cup of coffee:

6. This roof that looks like it's glaring at you with suspicious eyes:

7. The face on this garage door that it might take you a second to notice, but once you see it, there's no unseeing it:

8. This dog's ear that also looks like its face:

9. The dent in this car that looks like a smoochin' face:

10. These strips of bacon that look like the evil clown in a horror movie:

11. This burned pallet that looks like a set of birds sitting on a branch, enjoying the fire:

12. This dog's chest that looks like a cat about to sneeze:

13. The face trapped inside this glass of soda:

14. This pair of airplanes that look like they're sharing some laughs:

15. This waterfall that looks like a woman in a white dress:

16. The countless middle fingers it looks like this bush is flipping us off with:

17. These pillars that look like sets of people looking at each other's crotch:

18. And finally, this shark that straight up looks like Satan, horns and all: