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    16 Pictures Of Offices That'll Make You Say, "Why Doesn't Every Office Have That?"

    So many sweet amenities!

    1. This office's lobby filled with TVs that you can hear when you stand under the dome.

    Go_Blue_ / Via

    2. This office's elevators that have an umbrella sign that lights up when it's raining outside.

    eigosensei / Via

    3. This office lobby's rug that provides a map of the city including a red "you are here" dot.

    wareagle8608 / Via

    4. This bike desk that allows you to get in some exercise while you work.

    gizmodo / Via

    5. This office's simple way of keeping track of the coffee's freshness.

    heyzeus212 / Via

    6. This office that has a sweet arcade basketball setup.

    lillovely78 / Via

    7. This office's cafe that has two tea dispensers with custom temperatures to fit specific types of tea.

    hansteja / Via

    8. This office that has heated sidewalks outside so employees don't slip on the way in.

    possiblyben / Via

    9. The office that has phones capable of running Android, so you can browse the web, download apps, or or play music on your work phone.

    nexguy / Via

    10. This office's pullout microwave that's convenient for containing smells.

    Rdubya44 / Via

    11. This office's transparent blinds that allow you to block out the sun but still enjoy the view.

    True2this / Via

    12. This office that has a check-in at the stairwell that gives people points and the chance to win rewards for taking the stairs.

    elpaco313 / Via

    13. This office's giant clock that has multiple displays showing the time all around the world.

    secondeverthrow / Via

    14. This office's machine that makes freshly squeezed orange juice in seconds.

    whatanasian / Via

    15. This office that has a hammock for maximum comfort while you work.

    iabb_limited / Via

    16. And finally, this office that has a slide to make going down a floor fun!

    kelliexoxox / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting.

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