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    13 Mail Delivery Fails That'll Make You Say, "I Would've Been Soooo Pissed"

    Handled without even the least bit of care.

    1. This large package that was placed up against a door that opens outward.

    Thingswithcookies / Via

    2. These brutally battered chocolate covered strawberries that I'd probably still eat, even though they were aesthetically ruined in the delivery process.

    itswac / Via

    3. This college diploma that had one specific instruction for those who handled it.

    SnicksJCarth / Via

    4. This poorly handled pizza that the deliverer must've let slide around.

    Lobsterquadrille12 / Via

    5. This person who had a simple request for the delivery person, but got the good old "Sorry we missed you" sticker anyway.

    god_dammit_dax / Via

    6. This plug that was ready to go directly into a socket upon delivery.

    swabianne / Via

    7. The lack of respect shown to these signs, where several packages are delivered right where they're told not to be.

    CrushedPixl / Via

    8. This large box that was delivered by being thrown over the fence.

    flairness / Via

    9. This mail that's been forcefully jammed into a mailbox without an ounce of care.

    MagnusPI / Via

    10. This book that was delivered with such a firm fold that even someone who dog ears pages would be annoyed.

    SeaderTree / Via

    11. The delivery person who managed to fit this package into a mailbox that it'd clearly be extremely difficult to get it out of.

    patriciakav / Via

    12. This package that was handled by people who truly don't care about the big, bold "FRAGILE" plastered on the box.

    fatboy_and_chubchub / Via

    13. And finally, this mailman's gentle delivery of these packages caught on camera.

    brcasey3 / Via

    H/T r/MildlyInfuriating

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