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    26 Deeply Infuriating Photos Of Trashy People Doing Trashy Things In Public

    They've got nothing but the audacity.

    There's nothing wrong with being as messy or carefree as you want when you're at home. It's your stuff, your domain, your rules. The problem is, some people seem unwilling to adjust to being around others when they're in public, treating the whole world like their own personal barn. Here, just take a glance at what these types are capable of down below...

    1. Here's someone's outstretched toes lurking under the seat of the person in front of them on a plane.

    2. Here's someone's entire feet forcing their way through the gaps of someone's seat.

    3. Here's someone in a hot room using a fan very...selfishly.

    4. Here's someone flipping off first responders while they stroll through the crosswalk, blocking the emergency vehicle.

    A person in a crosswalk flashes a middle finger at a paramedic vehicle trying to drive by

    5. Here's someone going out to eat at a restaurant when they're aware that they have COVID-19.

    6. Here are the remains of a person or people who don't clean up after themselves in a fast-food restaurant (not a sit-down restaurant).

    7. Here's a flower thief who stole from a garden and felt it was fine to share on Facebook.

    Trashy from trashy

    8. Here's the aftermath of some excessively messy moviegoers.

    9. Here's someone sloppily stacking up books instead of putting them back where they belong.

    10. Here's a park that's covered in confetti after people had a gender reveal party.

    11. Here's a gym-goer who thinks it's chill to keep a bunch of dumbbells to himself.

    12. Here's someone who trashed the beach in an effort to get YouTube viewers.

    13. Here's a person who literally tossed their trash aside like an unknowing toddler after eating.

    14. Here's a disgusting wad of gum some student left on a school-provided typewriter.

    15. Here's the crappy condition someone returned a rental car in.

    16. Here's the inconsiderate parking job of someone who blocked the mailbox and, thus, delayed everyone's mail delivery.

    17. Here's the work of some ghoul who decided to steal a chunk of each pastry someone was given to celebrate their pregnancy.

    18. Hairs — I mean, here's someone who doesn't have a single strand of respect for the person sitting behind them on the plane.

    19. Here's the aftermath of bad parenting that allowed children to run rampant through a thrift shop's toy section.

    20. Here's the aftermath of a family with no respect leaving a Target shoe section in shambles.

    21. Here's someone at a baseball game who really had the nerve — the barefoot audacity, to do this.

    A woman puts her bare feet over the seat lower than her at a baseball game

    22. Here's an absolutely disgusting, 100% inexcusable bathroom break that someone took in a store.

    23. Here's one person taking up four parking spaces.

    24. Here are two bare feet on a coffee shop table.

    Someone at a coffee shop sits with their bare feet on the table

    25. Here's someone who forgot they're not at home — they're on a truck where they're handling people's food.

    26. And finally, let's end with some justice. Here's someone who dumped out their trash on someone's farm, but left their address on one of their boxes, and had the trash returned to their front lawn.