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    I Tried This Odd Meatball Cooking Hack And Here's How It Turned Out

    If you're not skilled in the kitchen, I recommend trying!

    Hi, I'm Christopher, and I'm not very good at cooking, but that doesn't stop me from hopping in the kitchen and setting off my smoke detectors every so often.

    Recently, BuzzFeed's Jesse Szewczyk wrote an article about chef/author/musician/TV personality Alton Brown's meatball hack.

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    I've watched enough Cutthroat Kitchen to know that Brown is a friggin' genius, so I was immediately intrigued.

    The hack involves roasting meatballs in an empty cardboard egg carton to wick away the grease.

    @AltonBrown / Via

    Brown also says it makes the meatballs "#crispyallover."

    I make ground turkey meatballs pretty often, but they always come out sloppy and look like Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So, I decided to give Alton's method a try for myself!

    Christopher Hudspeth / BuzzFeed

    To get started, I sprayed my empty egg carton with a little olive oil in the hopes of preventing potential sticking.

    Then, I (poorly) rolled my ground turkey balls and placed 'em in the egg carton.

    Christopher Hudspeth / BuzzFeed

    In addition to the Alton Brown-style meatballs, I also put some loose-leaf meatballs on foil, the way I typically do it.

    Christopher Hudspeth / BuzzFeed

    I gave 'em a good roasting and here's how they came out looking.

    Christopher Hudspeth / BuzzFeed

    I did have to cook the meatballs in the carton for longer than usual, which I'm assuming is because the cardboard's thickness interfered with the heating process.

    Not only were the meatballs crispy all over, but they came out of the container so smoothly and easily.

    Christopher Hudspeth / BuzzFeed

    Here's how the meatballs that were cooked in the carton look versus the ones cooked out of the carton.

    Christopher Hudspeth / BuzzFeed

    And just in case you're wondering why my meatballs look so unexciting, I'd just like to clarify that I cook them in a special honey Sriracha sauce afterward that adds a bunch of flavor.

    Christopher Hudspeth / BuzzFeed

    (Still kind of ugly, but they taste good!)

    So, in closing, I recommend that anyone planning to make meatballs give this a shot. Not only is it easy and convenient, but the meatballs come out crispy and juicy, further proving that Alton Brown is a treasure and a wealth of knowledge.

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