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    "Get Him To The Greek" Is Streaming On Netflix, So I Watched For The First Time In 10 Years And It Was An Experience

    I promise you didn't realize how many actors appeared in this movie.

    On June 4, 2010, Get Him to the Greek was released. I saw it in theaters (despite Shrek Forever After whooping ass in the box office at the time) and recently I noticed it streaming on Netflix, so I gave it a rewatch. I remembered liking it a lot, BUT I FORGOT HOW MUCH OF A GEM IT IS.

    1. OK, from the jump I'm reminded that Rose Byrne plays Aldous Snow's girlfriend/ex, Jackie Q. She's an equally ridiculous musician who was worthy of her own spin-off if this movie had performed well at the box office (damn you, Shrek Forever After).

    2. I also forgot that the music in this movie is fantastic and I'm happy to inform you that the soundtrack is available on Spotify.

    3. The most fun part of watching this now is seeing so many familiar faces and being like, "OH, [INSERT FAMOUS PERSON] is in this?!" Like I didn't realize Aaron's (Jonah Hill) girlfriend was played by Elisabeth Moss.

    4. Oh, Jake Johnson is in this movie!

    5. Oh, Aziz Ansari is in this movie!

    6. Oh, Nick Kroll is in this movie!

    7. Oh, Ellie Kemper is in this movie!

    8. Oh, that really popular GIF of excited Jonah Hill is in this movie!

    9. Tom Felton is one of many quick celeb appearances. Jonah Hill's character makes a Harry Potter reference that Felton is unamused by. A funny, efficient cameo.

    10. OK, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is in my top two rom-coms ever, so it's dope to see it referenced (even if quickly) with a Kristen Bell cameo.

    11. HOWEVER, it made me a little sad that Aldous hardly remembers Sarah, saying he "thinks" he "used to have sex with her." Shame, I always wanted a Forgetting Sarah Marshall sequel. How did we not get one of those, but there are FOUR Shrek movies?

    12. Oh, Kristen Schaal is in this movie! Crazy to think that Bob's Burgers started the following year and she's been voicing Louise Belcher ever since.

    13. Diddy is SO GREAT in this movie as Sergio, the boss at a record company. Weird that Diddy wasn't nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award in 2011, but Jonah Hill was (for Moneyball).

    14. I also forgot how this movie gets somewhat serious/emotional at parts, like when Jackie tells Aldous their son isn't his, but is actually some photographer's she'd gotten with years back. BRUTAL!

    15. I also forgot about this situation where a threesome is discussed.

    16. Or that the threesome actually happens?!

    17. Then there's a whole falling out between Jonah Hill's character and Russell Brand that escalates to a pretty dark point that I'd totally forgotten about.

    18. Lastly, I 100% forgot Aldous jumps off a hotel roof, landing in the pool but breaking his arm.

    Shrek Forever After didn't have the range to pull off this type of high comedy and deep, dark sadness.

    Anyway, if you don't remember, everything works out in the end. Aldous is headed in the right direction, he's made up with Jonah Hill's character, and the movie ends with "Furry Walls" being sung. BEAUTIFUL. ART. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find other undervalued movies that may not have gotten the credit they deserved thanks to that box office bully of an ogre.