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    16 Photos Of Hot Weather That Sum Up Exactly Why We Should Be Grateful For Cool Weather

    Winter is ending.

    1. March 20 marks the start of Spring, and summer will be following, which means it's going to get HOT. Let's look at some of the things that might come along with scorchers, starting with this slide that got melted by the heat.

    2. Look at this poor mailbox that was just minding its own business when the heat came along and mail-ted it.

    3. Here's a pen that was melted into the shape of a banana.

    4. The ruthless heat even melted a wax Buddha so badly that he's hunched over now.

    5. Okay, fine, I guess heatwaves aren't ALL bad — one time it was so hot outside that it made this person's dented bumper pop into place.

    6. And there was also a time when it was hot enough to bake cookies in the car.

    7. But then the heat does so many crappy things, like nearly blowing the cap off of this sparkling water bottle...

    8. Or ACTUALLY making a can of lemonade explode in someone's car.

    9. Here you'll see that the heat baked the ground so much, a motorcycle kickstand sunk into it.

    10. I mean, how can you be a fan of hot weather when you see what hot weather did to this fan?

    11. The heat melted these innocent candles.

    12. The heat melted down this speed bump.

    13. The heat melted this soap and made it ooze into the sink.

    14. The heat hates healthy supplements, so it melted these gummy vitamins into this blob.

    15. One time it got so hot, it made a freakin' chain melt its impression right into this dumpster's lid.

    16. Look, if you aren't convinced yet, here's one last example of the heat being really crappy — a melted porta potty.

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting