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25 ‘90s Computer Games You Totally Forgot About Playing

Some of those graphics were truly fugly.

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2. Backyard Baseball

Humongous Entertainment

Backyard Baseball was a treasure, and anyone who had the privilege of drafting Pablo Sanchez to their squad knows just how incredible that young fella was with a bat.


9. Oregon Trail


I think we were supposed to learn something about the 19th century pioneer experience or whatever, but most of us were just hunting and attempting to cross rivers without killing off our entire wagon.

11. Sim City 2000


This allowed you to create an entire city, taking on tasks that ranged from building railroads and highways, to choosing where to put schools or prisons. So much responsibility.


16. Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Westwood Studios

This strategy heavy game forced you to make decisions involving the Allied and Soviet armies. It had a single player campaign and an active online mode as well, which wasn't super common at the time.


17. Duke Nukem 3D


This first-person shooter definitely wasn't intended for children, because if the gun violence wasn't enough, the partially exposed women shown throughout the game earned it a rating of "M," for mature.

19. Rodent's Revenge


In Rodent's Revenge you're a mouse, trapping cats between moveable blocks. It starts out easy, but the levels get harder along the way, and you only have three lives, making your more and more anxious as you advance.


21. Wolfenstein 3D

Apogee Software

This first-person shooter allowed the player to run around shooting nazi soldiers. The most difficult part wasn't taking out enemies, it was trying not to get lost on this map that had levels, walls, and a 3D perspective that wasn't too common back then.

22. Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee


A game in which you play as an enslaved prisoner who is working at a meat-packing plant that's about to slaughter the protagonist and his peers into food called Tasty Treats. It's a random, peculiar game, but it's so much fun.

23. Half-Life

Electronic Arts

At the time, this game's graphics were incredible and it was a blast, featuring first-person shooter style objectives, and puzzles. It also didn't have cutscenes, which was something games tended to rely heavily on when telling a story back then.

25. Backyard Football

Humongous Entertainment

Just as fantastic as Backyard Baseball, but for any football fans who wanted to play their sport with these characters. This could also be played online against others, which was such a rarity back then. Little did we know how far gaming would evolve to where we are now...