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15 Times Bosses Were Really Cool Or Extremely Terrible

Some bosses seem silly, others seem like monsters.

1. This boss who gifted their employee with this cleverly labeled wine bottle:

SnapTalk / Via

2. This boss who was struggling with Outlook's numbering feature:

JackLegJosh / Via

3. This boss who left this note before heading on vacation:

Belacinator / Via

4. This boss who hung this giant Justin Bieber watch when an employee requested a wall clock:

StaplePaper / Via

5. This construction boss who pays their employees in cash and decided to troll one of 'em with payment in ALL ONE DOLLAR BILLS:

OhCoyle / Via

6. This boss who likes these pens a little too much:

Dog_Sees_All / Via

7. This boss who gave his employee this playful goodbye cake when they got a new job:

Dintuce / Via

8. This boss who put this sign on their office door:

redundantusername / Via

9. This boss who gave someone this clever plaque:

_Thrilliam / Via

10. This boss who has a jokey relationship with one of his employees:

k4kowalick / Via

11. This boss who started a list of their favorite reasons a shift was missed starting with this one:

treetrunk17 / Via

12. This boss who wrote this message to an employee who got promoted to General Manager:

armisteadt / Via

13. This boss who lost a bet to their employee and paid their debts in all pennies:

thenation7 / Via

14. This horrendously rude boss who posts messages like this around the restaurant they're (somehow) in charge of:

5nackbar / Via

15. And finally, this boss who gave their employee a fun, supportive message with an A+ signature:

AlwaysLeaveNotes / Via

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