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    Updated on Jul 22, 2019. Posted on Jul 19, 2019

    14 Sunsets That Are Beautiful But Also Look Like Something Completely Different

    So pretty. So peculiar.

    1. This sunset (left) looks like the graphics from Grand Theft Auto V (right).

    DField118 / Via, Rockstar Games

    2. This sunset reflecting against the water resembles the Incredibles logo.

    Disney, DanielCampos411 / Via

    3. This sunset's reflection looks like an inferno is happening inside this home.

    PeteLX / Via

    4. These divided windows make this sunset look like two different vibes.

    BiviK / Via

    5. This sunset reflects into the lake so perfectly that you can't even tell when the photo is flipped upside down.

    opi8 / Via

    6. This sunset from a plane looks like a depiction of heaven and hell.

    GallowBoob / Via

    7. This sunset photo turned upside down looks like a shot of Earth taken from outer space.

    farewelltokings2 / Via

    8. This sunset is shaped like Texas.

    cbs1210 / Via

    9. This sunset looks like there's a Death Star lingering above it.

    Wildmen03 / Via, StarWars / Via

    10. This sunset from a plane resembles Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon.

    the_dyl_pickle / Via, Harvest Records

    11. This sunset seen from above the clouds looks like hot lava.

    couragethechicken / Via

    12. This sunset looks like an erupting volcano.

    NavyHM18700 / Via

    13. This sunset in the background makes the dragon on this temple look like it's breathing fire.

    Ironfingers / Via

    14. And finally, this sunset is reflecting in the water, making it look like a giant mirror.

    MetalW0lf / Via

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