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    Updated on Apr 25, 2020. Posted on Apr 25, 2020

    14 Photos Of People Parked Terribly That Belong In The Selfish And Inconsiderate Hall Of Fame

    The cars may be parked, but they'll drive you crazy.

    1. This person who lives in 111A making it impossible for their neighbor in 111B (who took the photo) to park.

    badbicth06 / Via

    2. This oblivious individual who is 1) parked crooked/over the line and 2) so oblivious that they actually complained on Twitter about the other person's parking.

    ridethepony93 / Via

    3. This person taking up FOUR spots in a shopping center lot.

    UniqueAbsudity / Via

    4. This car's decal that has the audacity to say the words "quality parking."

    Seminole1996 / Via

    5. This car blocking someone from getting in or out of their driveway.

    Caboose4life / Via

    6. This person whose car is blocking mail from being delivered.

    roop26roop / Via

    7. This person in the red car who is parked within the lines, yet found a note on their car suggesting they "learn how to fucking park."

    alistairisto / Via

    8. The person who parked like this. Yep, they're actually parked that far off the curb and in the street, no big deal!

    joe4553 / Via

    9. This monster.

    BenKenobi05 / Via

    10. This demon.

    Internet_Is_A_Lie / Via

    11. This trio of double-parked ghouls.

    Harel2133 / Via

    12. This truck making life difficult for anyone using that snowy sidewalk.

    AngstyPunkBitch / Via

    13. This car that parked blocking the path for medical personnel to get to and from this helicopter landing pad.

    PunjabiDJ / Via

    14. And finally, this poorly parked person who has a baby and a lot of nerve.

    Infector101 / Via

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