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    15 People Who Are Truly The Reason Why Selling Stuff Online Is A Nightmare

    Some of the worst negotiating you'll ever see.

    1. This person declaring that they're haggling.

    golde62 / Via

    2. This person casually offering $2,000 less than the asking price.

    JustRanger / Via

    3. This person who did a trash job of negotiating with an artist in every way.

    givemeayes / Via

    4. This person whose offers are going in the wrong direction.

    Nidiahk / Via

    5. This person's spiel in an effort to lower the price of a Gucci bag.

    TheAlmightyFlamingo / Via

    6. This person who agreed to pay $180 for a cellphone, then tried to casually drop the price by 105 bucks.

    billybr / Via

    7. This person trying (and failing) to wheel and deal for a bicycle.

    KawasakiKadet / Via

    8. This person trying to find a way to make money for picking up a FREE microwave.

    starksnarksharks / Via

    9. This person trying to finesse free work from a mobile app maker.

    aussieadam / Via

    10. This angry person with hostile negotiation tactics.

    DaddyGDjimbo / Via

    11. This person who tried to show up with $370 for a $600 item.

    WaffleStomperGirl / Via

    12. This person with the strange, senseless strategy.

    Adorable_Raccoon / Via

    13. This person's brilliant attempt at getting a discount.

    jshah500 / Via

    14. This offer on a $300 asking price that got ignored.

    CherryBlackEyes / Via

    15. And finally, this person who got what they deserved for their ridiculous lowballing.

    Zestiest46 / Via

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