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    9 Strange Stories That Might Make You Believe In Parallel Universes

    What if you found yourself in a parallel dimension?

    1. The dude who showed up at Tokyo International Airport with a passport from a country that doesn't exist called Taured.


    Allegedly, this man told customs he was in Japan for business, and had legitimate visa stamps, currency from multiple European countries, checks from an unknown bank, and a driver’s license issued in Taured. He was sent to a hotel while things were sorted out, while two immigration officers stood outside of his hotel door. But when they went to check on him in the morning, he’d vanished. This was from 15 stories up, above a busy street, so escaping through a window was unlikely, if not impossible. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department searched, but never located the man from Taured.

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    2. Four girls took a wrong turn and found themselves driving in an entirely different, unknown environment.

    Jimfeng / Getty Images

    The ladies had been driving on black asphalt in the desert, but after taking a wrong turn, they said, they found themselves driving on white cement, surrounded by grain field and a lake. They spotted a building with a large, neon sign making up illegible, random squiggles, and as they pulled in for assistance, a large group of tall men poured out of the front door seeming shocked and upset, waving their arms at the girls. Then, the girls realized these "tall men" didn't even appear to be human, so they freaked out and drove off.

    While the girls were driving away, they noticed four peculiar, egg-shaped automobiles mounted on tricycle style-wheels were following them. They sped ahead until the mysterious vehicles were out of sight, and when they reached the canyon and drove all the way back through it, they'd somehow returned to the desert they were originally in, glad to be back, but unable to figure out the mysterious place they'd just gone, or how they arrived there.

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    3. The green-skinned children who simply just appeared here.

    Woolpit Village sign
    Ros Drinkwater / Alamy Stock Photo

    Back in the 12th century, two children, a brother and sister, allegedly popped up in the village of Woolpit, in Suffolk, England. Both had greenish-colored skin, spoke an unknown language, wore bizarre clothing, and initially refused to eat any food other than raw beans. They were taken in, cared for, and eventually they adapted, developing a taste for food and losing the green hue in their skin. Shortly after, the boy became sick and died, but after learning to speak English, the girl explained that she and her brother were from a place where the sun didn’t shine bright, and it was perpetually twilight. She and her brother were there, herding their dad’s cattle, when they heard some loud noise, and were suddenly in a new place where they were eventually discovered, in Woolpit. The girl grew up and integrated herself into her new surroundings. Though it remained unknown how she and her brother got there, the girl went on to get married and live her life here, in a dimension that might not actually be her place of origin.

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    4. The woman who woke up one morning with her life suddenly slightly altered.

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    Lerina Garcia woke up one morning and noticed minor differences. Her sheets were unfamiliar, and the pajamas she was wearing were different from the ones she'd gone to sleep in. Her day got weirder when she went to work and discovered that her office was no longer hers, and she worked in the same building, but in a different department, under a boss she'd never met. Bamboozled, she returned home, only to find that her ex-boyfriend was there — only he wasn't her ex, he was her current boyfriend. Her new lover, whom she'd been dating for months, was nowhere to be found. Lerina believes she woke here, but she's from a parallel universe where the differences are as small as her bedspread, and as significant as her love life.

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    5. The cabin in the Markawasi Stone Forest that leads to a parallel dimension.

    Rodrigo_demartini / Getty Images

    One day, a woman and her friends were camping at a site near the mysterious forest, when they heard music coming from a small, stone cabin that was lit up by torches. They claimed to see people wearing 17th-century fashion dancing inside, and the curious woman was drawn to it, so she headed over and tried to enter. Before she could get inside, a friend pulled her away, and half of her body immediately became paralyzed — the half that had entered the cabin.

    Some believe that the woman partially entered a dimensional gateway, and when she was pulled out, she experienced a shift that threw off her nervous system, resulting in her partial paralyzation.

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    6. The strange man who wound up shipwrecked in Germany from an unknown world.

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    So this story goes, a peculiar guy popped up in a village, where he was picked up and questioned by authorities. The only comprehensible language he spoke was a broken variation of German, but he said his name was Jophar Vorin, and claimed to come from a part of the world known as Sakria. He conveyed that he was searching for his long-lost brother, whom he'd been separated from during a shipwreck. While he had geographical information regarding his home planet, such as five compartments known as Sakria, Aflar, Aslar, Auslar, and Euplar, he couldn't trace his route on shore, and he would wind up living in Berlin, where he was a topic of discussion amongst the scientific, and simply curious, communities.

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    7. The man who was teleported to a parallel universe while driving.

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    In November 1986, a man named Pedro Oliva Ramirez was driving from Seville to a town called Alcalá de Guadaíra, when he went around a curve and allegedly found himself on a six-lane highway. He continued driving down this straight road, seeing unfamiliar things like 20-story housing units, unidentified structures, and grass about 2 feet high along the edge of the road.

    Shortly thereafter, he felt a hot sensation within his vehicle and heard distant voices, one of which stood out, informing him that he’d been transferred to another country in a different hemisphere. He continued driving on the highway for an hour, then stopped to examine the unfamiliar roadside area. After getting back in his car and continuing his drive, he spotted a sign pointing in three different directions. One was labeled “Malaga,” the other was “Sevilla,” and the last was “Alcabala.”

    Pedro took the “Sevilla” detour, and without fully knowing why, he stopped driving. When he looked to his left, he was standing outside of his home in Alcalá de Guadaíra. Frustrated and confused, he tried to retrace his steps, but could never find the crossroads, or the triple road sign.

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    8. The universe in which the Beatles never broke up.

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    In 2009, a man named James Richards was in Livermore California driving home from Turlock with his dog. He claims that when he pulled over to let the pup empty her bladder, she sprinted after a rabbit, and he followed after her, but tripped, knocking himself unconscious. When James came to, he was next to an odd machine, in the company of a man named Jonas who claimed to have found his unconscious body while on a work trip for an interdimensional travel agency.

    While they were together, Jonas and Richards wound up chatting about the pop culture in their respective universes, and discovered that not only did the Beatles also exist in this dimension, but they were all still alive and actively making music. Richards acquired a cassette tape labeled “Everyday Chemistry,” which contained Beatles songs that never existed in our dimension. He even uploaded the songs to a website, and called it

    9. The woman who may have visited a different dimension's darker version of her childhood town.

    Grandfailure / Getty Images

    A woman named Carol Chase McElheney was driving in San Bernardino, towards Perris, California, when saw a road sign for Riverside nearby. Since that’s where she and her family’s roots were, she wanted to visit the familiar place, but when she arrived at the street she’d grown up on, she claimed she couldn’t find her old place, and all of the houses looked different. She decided to drive to the street her grandmother used to live on, but discovered that it was altered as well. When she tried to visit the cemetery where her grandparents were buried, it wasn’t there, and the lot was fenced up and full of overgrown weeds.

    Already baffled, Carol pulled onto University Avenue, a place where you’d normally find restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, but it was an unkempt, graffiti-covered area, and something about the people there frightened her. She was afraid to get out of her car, feeling that if she interacted with the people there, she’d forever be stuck there. After a couple more frustrating hours not recognizing things, she returned to Perris.

    A few years later, Carol’s father died and was to be buried in the same cemetery as her grandparents. When she arrived, everything was back to the way she’d remembered it growing up. Carol believes she visited a parallel dimension with an ill-fated version of Riverside.

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