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    20 Funny 4th Of July Tweets

    "What if dogs hate fireworks because they’re afraid of symbolic displays of imperialism."


    Someone told me that they don't have the 4th of July in other countries. Seems kinda stupid to skip from the 3rd to the 5th, but whatever.


    this 4th of july, don’t forget to leave milk and hot-dogs under your flag so george washington will come and leave you a big mac in the morning 🇺🇸🎇🎆🇺🇸


    [keanu reeves and owen wilson watching a fireworks show] "woah" "oh wow" "woah" "oh wow" "woah" "oh wow"


    My thoughts on July 4th this year


    The 4th of July is a very special holiday where we pay tribute to the greatness of America by scaring the shit out of our dogs for 12 hours


    Dad, why do we celebrate 4th of July? Well son, it celebrates our defeating the aliens that blew up the White House after Will Smith attac


    July 4th, 1776 British: just saying you're independent doesn't make it true Thomas Jefferson:


    If your Mom never forced you to wear a crappy flag shirt from Old Navy on the 4th of July, are you really even American? 🇺🇸



    Happy 4th of July weekend! Remember if you've been drinking and are going to be using fireworks - make sure someone is getting it on video.


    Don't forget to acknowledge the sad, untouched bowl of Ruffles potato chips left on an outside table at whatever 4th of July BBQ you attend.


    it's 4th of july again which means i'll be standing at attention saluting the flag on the taco bell window all afternoon


    Spread patriotic spirit by telling the barista your name is "USA" and hiding. When they say your name, watch as Starbucks begins chanting


    what if dogs hate fireworks bc they’re afraid of symbolic displays of imperialism


    he's scared of the fireworks so my mom put on some dog videos for him ❤️


    So, on July 4th, one of the hottest days of the year, we're all going to sit outside of our air-conditioned homes and cook over a fire?


    Who tryna do this on July 4th


    I won't let my kids turn on the stove, but swinging a flaming hot fire-stick sparkler over their head on the Fourth of July, that's fine.


    ☆。★。☆。★ 。☆。☆ 。★ 。 ★。\|/。★ 100% of firework displays end with someone's mom saying "is that it?" ★。/|\ °★ 。☆。☆ ° ☆。 ☆。 ★。☆ °★


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