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What Happens When Parents Tell Their Kids A Long-Held Secret

"A singular emotion... flabbergasted?"

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We had four parents tell their kid a secret they've kept from them their whole lives, and things got awkward.

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First up, are Becca and Lisa:

And Becca was OK with it, staying calm, cool, and collected...

...until her mom got into the details.

Next up, Gail told Jen that she pushed A SCREW OUT OF HER KNEE, from a previous knee replacement, in order to give birth to Jen...

...and she brought THE ACTUAL SCREW to the confession.

TBH, that's a big-ass screw.

Seemingly straight-laced Larry told his daughter that he actually got fired from a job, because he used his company computer to look for other job opportunities.

Now Andrea has an excuse if she ever gets fired.

Finally, Donna dropped a major truth bomb on Alex: She continued to take her ex-husband's daughter to Disneyland every year even after they separated.

Alex was a little shocked...

The kids got an overload of information, but it was mostly harmless.