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    Here Is The Ultimate Dadbod Workout

    Rob Dob will give you that awesome #DadBod.

    Have you ever felt like you wanted a Dadbod, but you just didn't know how to get into that sweet spot of fitness? Don't worry, Rob Dod is here to get you that rad Dadbod.

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    At first, it can all feel a little overwhelming when trying to figure out how to achieve that Dadbod look.

    Just follow these simple workouts by Todd Dob, Rob Dod's brother, like "Dad Jokes."

    Throw in a couple "Beer Drinks"...

    ...and a "Stand When Your Team Wins," and you're on your way to that rad Dadbod.

    And don't forget the "Sizing Up a Problem and Doing Nothing" move for that ultimate burn.

    Thanks, Rob Dod!

    But what about that Mombod?