17 Awesomely Exhilarating Stop Motion Photos Of Extreme Sports

Sequence photography allows us to see every amazing moment of an athlete’s natural choreography.

1. Felix Baumgartner does a space dive.

Photo: Alfredo Martinez.

2. Vicky Arvaniti’s patented power serve.

Photo: Ray Demski.

3. Rafael Ortiz on kayak.

Photo: Mauricio Ramos.

4. Rising star in the FMX scene, Levi Sherwood.

Photo: Alex Schelbert.

5. A mix of free running, parkour, martial arts, and gymnastics.

Photo: Garth Milan.

6. Chris Doyle has been practicing for 17 years.

Photo: Justin Kosman.

7. Surfing superstar Jordy Smith

Photo: Brian Bielmann.

8. Australia’s Corey Bohan on BMX.

Photo: Christian Pondella.

9. Clemens Doppler: You got served.

Photo: Rutger Pauw.

10. Why’s he so good? Well, Mathieu Rebeaud’s grandfather and father were both riders.

Photo: Christian Pondella.

11. Orlando Duque has 9 world championship titles to his name.

Photo: Agustin Munoz.

12. Paul Bonhomme won the Red Bull Air Race championship in 2009.

Photo: Predrag Vuckovic.

13. Petr Kraus, World Champion Trail Biker.

Photo: Agustin Munoz.

14. Robbie skyrocketed to fame in 2008 by jumping his motorcycle 322 ft.

Photo: Predrag Vuckovic.

15. Ronnie Rener goes hard.

Photo: Garth Milan.

16. Freestyle skiier Tanner Hall.

Photo: Wojtek Antonow.

17. The world-famous Travis Pastrana.

Photo: Agustin Munoz.

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