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8 People Share The Christmas Tree Traditions That Make Their Holidays Extra Special

The best time of the year is better with a real Christmas tree.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite holiday tradition involving real Christmas trees. Here's what they shared!

1. Picking out a Christmas tree is the start of the holiday season.

Picture of the commenter and another person at a Christmas tree farm

2. Picking a tree is fun for the whole fam.

Commenter's family at a Christmas tree farm.

3. Looking for a tree is a fun activity that doesn't involve a screen.

A family with children walks with a cut-down Christmas tree on a sled.

4. Cutting down a Christmas tree is fun for everyone.

Commenter's husband posing with saw next to Christmas trees

5. A little healthy sibling rivalry is always fun.

A family carries a Christmas tree at a tree farm.

6. A real tree keeps the magic alive for future generations.

A Christmas tree strapped to the roof of a car.

7. The scent of pine is dog-approved.

Commenter's dog sniffing a Christmas tree

8. And some of us are extra serious about finding that perfect tree.

Family tying a tree to their car

There's nothing like a real Christmas tree around the holidays. Visit to use the experience locator and find a real Christmas tree near you!