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10 Game Of Thrones GIFs That Describe Your Life Perfectly

Monday is coming, and it always feels like it lasts 7 years.

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1. When something amazing happens to your friend and you're trying to be happy for them, but you're also jealous.


You got a job after sending out just one application? Oh, that's so great. So. Great.

2. When someone makes an inappropriate joke in a social setting.


I'm...just gonna go get another drink.

3. When you know you look good today.


Hair, on point. Outfit, on point. Me, on point!

4. When you get off work on Friday.


I've earned this.

5. When you order something at a restaurant, only to be told that they've run out of it.


It ran out? Well, run after it!

6. When you and your friend finally admit the fight you had was ridiculous.


I can't believe I said you were as self-absorbed as Kanye. No one can be that self-absorbed...except for Kanye.

7. When you think you may have plans on Saturday, but you can't remember.


You should really start making your servant write them down.

8. When you get to your concert/brunch spot/bar and see the line.



9. Anytime and every time someone pisses you off.


Although it's definitely less effective without dragons there.

10. When this season of Game of Thrones comes to an end.


WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO END? Why can't it just keep going???

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