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    24 Convenient Things To Make Virtual School Much Less Unbearable

    Consider this the remote learning starter kit.

    1. A mesh desk organizer to keep everything together, at least visually. It's super compact and very easy to assemble. Finally, a place to put all the writing utensils and readings you're perpetually behind on.

    2. A ring light so you can make an excellent virtual impression during interviews and class presentations. Beyond being compatible with Android and iOS, it also has a Bluetooth remote!

    3. A lap desk to keep your laptop from breathing hot air all over your thighs. Heat trapped inside a laptop can damage it in the long run. Protect your investment with this handy lap desk!

    The lap desk has space for a laptop and a mouse. It also has a drawer for writing utensils

    4. A portable blender so you won't upset your professor by eating during your virtual classes. This blender comes with two straws so you can sip discreetly. Did we mention it has a self-cleaning feature?

    The diagram that shows how the blender can be used to make juices, shakes, and masks

    5. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses, that'll take the strain off of your eyes when you're staring at screens all day. Switch up your look with these stylish frames!

    6. A stress relief and anti-anxiety tool bundle because virtual learning isn't always a walk in the park for people who are neurodivergent. These fidget tools were designed to support anyone who has ADD, ADHD, OCD, or anxiety.

    Eight toys inside the kit

    7. A pair of AirPod Pros that have a noise-cancelling mode for effectively tuning out the chaos that is 2020. They'll help you focus on your priorities and are incredibly easy to use. The case charges the buds *and* can be used with wireless chargers!

    8. A reading pillow for those days you want to be productive without leaving bed. It's very firm (but comfortable) for maximum back support! Use this pillow to prop yourself up, your teacher won't be able to tell you never got out of bed.

    A cream version of the pillow with removable memory foam

    9. An ergonomic desk chair because you've got 99 problems and back pain shouldn't be one. Its sleek design offers great lumbar support! High-quality fabric makes this chair look more expensive than it really is.

    A black chair pulled up to a desk

    10. A room divider for blocking out ongoing visual distractions in the background of your video calls. No need to worry about storage — it collapses and fits into teeny spaces.

    11. An Apple TV to AirPlay your lectures like you're in a movie theatre. When it's over, unwind by watching streaming services that you don't pay for. Constantly losing remotes? Use your iPhone to control the Apple TV instead.

    12. A mini coffee maker that takes up minimal space and makes productivity juice. A built-in reusable filter eliminates the need for paper filters. It's very easy to transport and clean!

    The coffee maker dispensing coffee into a cup

    13. A two-drawer desk, because separating work and leisure is key! It has a sleek, streamlined design that complements any room. Don't the price fool you — this sturdy piece of furniture is built to last.

    The white version of a desk holding a laptop, a book, a plant with a small task chair pulled up

    14. A cozy, unisex "Break the System" hoodie that's perfect for lounging and fighting for change.

    A black hoodie with black lettering that says, "break the system."

    15. A light therapy lamp because not walking to class every day means less sunlight. Soak up to10,000 lux with this lamp to help you start feeling more energized.

    16. A pair of super comfortable Kind socks to reward yourself for keeping it cute with that professor who refused to cut you some slack in a pandemic. They're very comfortable and, let's be honest, you probably haven't worn shoes in months.

    A pair of blue socks with yellow tips, a green heel, and red rims

    17. A Wi-Fi extender so your Zoom won't freeze mid-lecture. It's compatible with any router, so all you need to do is set it up and plug it in. Connect up to 10 devices within 800 square feet and watch the magic happen!

    18. A desk book shelf extension, because wherever you're learning may not have space for your binders and books. Turn any flat surface into a bookshelf with ease to take advantage of the vertical space on your desk.

    A diagram featuring five configurations of the bookshelf with office items

    19. An Amazon Echo Dot so you'll never miss a deadline again —thanks to Alexa. When you sit in one area for most of the day, time can get away from you. Simply tell Alexa to put events on your calendar and remind you about assignment due dates.

    The Amazon Echo Dot sitting on a countertop flashing blue lights as it receives a command to play study music

    20. A set of 45 affirmation cards to remind you that everything will be okay! Each card has a cute illustration that you can display on the fridge, mirror, desk — wherever you need some encouragement.

    The affirmation cards laid out in a circle

    21. A silk eye mask so students learning in busy households can get a good night's rest. This mask masterfully blocks out any and all distracting light.

    22. A posture corrector, because you've probably started to slouch through all of your classes. It works no whether you're sitting, standing, or lying down. Is it comfortable? Glad you asked. Yes, it's made with breathable, machine-washable fabric.

    A diagram that depicts the corrector being used during work, sports, studying, and relaxation

    23. A memory foam seat cushion that reduces pressure with a U-shaped cutout. This is perfect for everyone who's turned their kitchen table into a classroom.

    The cushion is non-slip and has a removable handle

    24. An essential oil diffuser set, because aromatherapy can be super clutch for anxious feelings! It's super hard to get assignments done when you're stressed. Inhale some calming scents, feel better, and start getting your work done.

    A reviewer's photo of the diffuser with blue light settings and two buttons

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