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    23 Easy Tricks For A Healthier Barbecue

    Eating grilled shrimp isn't exactly a sacrifice, you know?

    1. Lighten up your dip by using greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

    2. Make guacamole lower-fat by cutting the avocado with another vegetable.

    3. Or, serve a fun, fruity salsa instead.

    4. If you're brave, replace chips and dip with crudités so beautiful that guests forget they're eating raw vegetables.

    Pre-portioning will keep everyone from double (or, ahem, triple) dipping.

    5. Make a really kick-ass salad that people will actually want to eat.

    Lettuce-free salads don't wilt as quickly, so they're great for long barbecues.

    And, just a little bit of cheese goes a long way.

    6. Position the aforementioned salad at the front of the buffet line.

    7. Always make your own vinaigrette instead of buying bottled salad dressing.

    8. Serve a delicious, no-mayo potato salad.

    Using lots of herbs adds flavor without adding any fat or sugar.

    9. Take the mayo out of your coleslaw, too.

    10. Better yet, make a veggie-packed sweet potato salad instead.

    11. Instead of burgers, grill a lean cut of steak.

    Skirt steak, hanger steak, flank steak, and sirloin are all good, lean cuts that grill well.

    12. Ban hot dogs. Pork skewers are more fun and don't have scary filler ingredients.

    13. Grill chicken that will upstage any red meat by marinating it beforehand.

    Using skinless chicken breasts means lots of protein with very little fat.

    14. Shake things up by grilling healthy shrimp kebabs.

    Scallops are another great, grill-able shellfish option.

    15. Serve grilled portobello mushrooms as a vegetarian main dish.

    16. If you can't live without burgers, check out these 25 healthier burger options.

    17. When it comes to condiments, mustard is your best friend.

    Ketchup and barbecue sauce are loaded with sugar, and mayonnaise is essentially all fat. Mustard adds a ton of flavor and a little bit of spice, so set out a variety of different kinds for guests to pair with their meat.

    18. Remember that vegetables love the grill, too.

    Layer a bunch on skewers for easier handling.

    19. DItch pre-made mixers and make your own low-sugar coktails.

    Using freshly squeezed citrus juice is key here.

    20. Consider the wine spritzer.

    21. Serve iced tea instead of punch or lemonade.

    If you can't drink it unsweetened, add a little fruit juice.

    22. Serve sweet, caramelized grilled fruit for dessert.

    23. Popsicles are another good dessert option.

    If you want, sneak in a little booze (hey, you've earned it).