17 Reasons Why White Wine Spritzers Are The Best Drink Of Summer

And also the best drink of always.

1. White wine spritzers are the most underappreciated heroes of summertime drinking.

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2. They consist of one part wine, one part club soda.

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3. And they are heaven in a glass.

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4. That wine.

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5. That soda.

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6. That citrus fruit.

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7. And if you want to get fancy, you can add a drop of bitters.

Bon Appétit magazine’s recipe suggests a drop or two of orange bitters.

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8. Such a perfect combination.

Can't stop thinking about a nice chilled white wine spritzer

— Yvette Cruz (@Missycruz84)
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9. Spritzers are less calorific than straight wine.

There are 175 kilocalories in a typical serving of white wine, and only 130 kilocalories in a spritzer.

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10. They make it harder for you to get drunk quickly.

Just tried a @Zevia white wine spritzer for the first time and it is a GAME CHANGER. #smartersoda #wine @DrinksTube

— HotCousinProductions (@hotcousinprod)
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11. They cost less.

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12. And they’re so glam.

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13. Even this friendly pup agrees.

"I'll have a large white wine spritzer and the scotch egg please" @MrJames_Stewart excellent birthday weekend!

— Oz Wills (@OzWills)
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14. Spritzers are so refreshing.

wine spritzer weather

— Elizabeth Lopatto (@mslopatto)
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15. They’re perfect for any time of day.

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16. But most importantly…

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17. They keep you hydrated.

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Thirst, consider yourself quenched.

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