17 Reasons Why White Wine Spritzers Are The Best Drink Of Summer

And also the best drink of always.

1. White wine spritzers are the most underappreciated heroes of summertime drinking.

2. They consist of one part wine, one part club soda.


7. And if you want to get fancy, you can add a drop of bitters.

Bon Appétit magazine’s recipe suggests a drop or two of orange bitters.

9. Spritzers are less calorific than straight wine.

There are 175 kilocalories in a typical serving of white wine, and only 130 kilocalories in a spritzer.

11. They cost less.

12. And they’re so glam.

15. They’re perfect for any time of day.

16. But most importantly…

17. They keep you hydrated.

Thirst, consider yourself quenched.

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