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Tell Us How You Stay Healthy On Thanksgiving

We want to know your healthiest advice for having your pumpkin pie and eating it, too.

Thanksgiving is the best day.

It's a day of celebrating with family and friends.

But more importantly, it's a day for eating ALL THE FOOD.

(And then some more.)

THE THING IS: It's one thing to have a fun Thanksgiving. It's another thing to feel so stuffed that you can't move.

What do you do to keep a healthy balance on Thanksgiving? Maybe you eat a healthy, filling breakfast.

Maybe it's a family tradition to run a race on Thanksgiving morning.

Maybe you've just learned how to pace yourself at the table.

We want to know your best tricks for a healthy(ish) Thanksgiving, whether it's a healthy recipe, a workout routine, or just a piece of advice.

Should it out in the comments!

We'll pick the best entries and round 'em all up into one big list on BuzzFeed Community.