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    21 Fun Ways To Have A Fancy And Delicious New Year's Eve

    All that glitters is total New Year's Eve party gold.

    1. Make a tray of champagne Jell-o, then use a cookie cutter to make festive Jell-o shots.

    2. Make edible party horns out of sugar cones, white chocolate, and colored sugar.

    Perfect for anyone who finds real noisemakers to be totally irritating. Full instructions here.

    3. Pair oysters with champagne mignonette.

    A mignonette is an acidic dressing that's often served with oysters. Get the recipe here. Also, here's how to shuck an oyster (be careful).

    4. Or, go a step further and top oysters with champagne jelly and caviar.

    All of the Fancy Things.

    Recipe: Oysters in Champagne Jelly with Cucumber and Caviar

    5. If raw oysters freak you out, serve them broiled.

    6. Add extra sparkle to your bubbly.

    Bonus: If you're drinking cheap sparkling wine instead of champagne (no shame), no one will be able to see the label.

    Full instructions here.

    7. Dress up cheap sparkling wine as a pretty granita.

    8. Top a run-of-the-mill appetizer with truffle shavings.

    9. Make a decadent champagne custard for dessert.

    10. Put together a simple, but perfect, cheese plate.

    Macey Foronda /

    Learn how here. (BONUS: If you don't want to go to a fancy cheese store, you can get pretty impressive cheeses at your regular supermarket if you know what you're looking for).

    11. In lieu of a whole cheese plate, serve adorable, bite-size baked brie.

    When everyone's got a champagne flute in one hand, its easier to just pick up one of these tiny brie hand pies than to cut a piece out of a huge hunk of baked brie.

    Recipe: Bite-Size Baked Brie

    12. A charcuterie board can be really classy, too.

    Higher-end supermarkets often have a good charcuterie selection, as do cheese shops.

    13. Toast with old-fashioned champagne coupes instead of flutes.

    No, you don't have to make a tower (although, you could...). Available here.

    14. If you do stick with flutes, garnish them with cute rock candy stir sticks.

    Available here, or at pretty much any specialty candy store.

    15. Make cookies that sparkle.

    16. Or go the easier route, and adorn store-bought macarons (already fancy) with glitter paint.

    Buying your macarons means all you'll need to do is get creative with some edible glitter or luster dust, available here. If you have more time (and baking inclination), you can make the macarons from scratch.

    Recipe: French Macarons

    17. Combine cupcakes with cake pops to make gorgeous "ball drop"-inspired treats.

    18. Embrace the shabby-chic look and DIY some sparkly mason jars to use as a centerpiece.

    Learn how here.

    19. Instead of pre-mixing a champagne punch, set up a bubbly bar.

    Put out bottles of mixers — orange juice, peach puree, and sweet liqueurs taste especially good with champagne — alongside your champagne, and let everybody mix their own drinks. Full instructions here.

    20. Serve caviar on a classic blini...

    21. ...or on an edible spoon, with a shot of vodka.

    Learn how to make edible spoons here, or just skip it and use regular spoons.