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    Posted on Dec 27, 2015

    17 Resolutions You'll Actually Want To Keep

    2016 is definitely going to be your best year yet.

    1. Make sure you're eating plenty of greens.

    Spike it to like it. Recipe here.

    2. Spend more time with those who lift you up and less time with those who bring you down.

    3. Kick the bad (BAD!) habit of hosting parties without an ample amount of dip.

    Here are 25 deliciously cheesy dips to choose from, so that you'll never be dipless again.

    4. Try making your own DIY versions of foods you would normally buy.

    The good thing about freezing your own popsicles is that you can (and should) add booze. Get the recipe for these spicy grapefruit margarita pops here.

    5. Stop showing up hungover to work every day.

    Drinking less would be HARD, but mixing a packet of Emergen-C into your vodka seems pretty doable, right? Learn more here.

    6. Keep satisfying snacks on hand. Getting too hungry only means you'll overeat later.

    7. Eat breakfast.

    You've heard it a thousand times, but maybe this year you can make it stick. Here are some peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes to get you started.

    8. Commit to doing yoga at least once a week.

    9. Maybe even try to eat a smoothie for breakfast a couple of times a week, if you're up for it.

    Topping your smoothie with all kinds of delicious, non-blended foods is encouraged. Recipe here.

    10. Stop buying into every crash diet you read about on the internet.

    11. Start prioritizing sleep.

    Twelve more truly relatable charts where this came from.

    12. Test every chocolate chip cookie recipe you can find and figure out your favorite.

    Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

    This brown butter chocolate chip cookie recipe was part of BuzzFeed Life's Holiday Cookie Swap, and we think it's great. Other people swear by this recipe, which suggests you chill the dough overnight before baking. But don't overthink it. Just go forth and bake ALL THE COOKIES.

    13. Make sure to get plenty of antioxidants.

    XL Wine Glass, available here ($9.99),

    14. Make sure you're doing everything you can to set yourself up for success.

    15. Ditto calcium.

    16. Quit stressing about your relationship status. What's meant to be will be.

    17. Start exercising regularly.