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What's Your Favorite Neighborhood Bar In NYC?

Whether it's a hidden gem or a well-loved hot spot, tell us about the one bar you want to hang out at forever!

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You know how sometimes, you and your friends venture to a new NYC neighborhood to do something fun...

Sometimes for activities. Usually for food.

Sometimes for activities. Usually for food.

... and after you do that fun thing, you want to keep having fun at a bar? So, you look on Yelp.

But, ugh, all those bars are so FANCY. You don't want to go anywhere fussy.

You don't want to go anywhere trendy.


You definitely aren't in the mood for anything crowded or loud.

I mean, who has the energy for that anymore?

You just want a REGULAR. ASS. BAR. And chances are, someone has been in that same situation in YOUR neighborhood.

So, help a stranger out! Is there a nice, NORMAL neighborhood bar in NYC that you love?

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Somewhere you go all the time, just to... be.

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A place where everyone is super chill. Where it's easy to get a drink.

The kind of place you just want to hang out at all night. Every night. Forever.

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Wherever it is, tell us in the comments!

Your wisdom will help lots of poor, lost souls find exactly what they need. A drink.

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