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10 Important Realizations From Last Night's Episode Of The Bachelorette

Yes, Alex is still here.

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1. Wells' anxiety and sweating seems like the honest portrayal of anyone who still hasn't kissed their shared girlfriend of five weeks.

HULU / Via giphy

2. Reading a date card honestly seems just as intense as reading ANTM Tyra Mail.

3. There is truly nothing like going to a rave after a tough breakup.

ABC / Via @TheBachelorette

*cue Avicii and tears*

4. James Taylor brings us back to the reality of most social situations.

HULU / Via giphy

5. This isn't the first time Luke has been in front of the camera. He also starred in The Outsiders.

Do it for Jojo.
Via Daily Entertainment News

Do it for Jojo.

6. Jordan swishing his wine is every average person pretending to be a sommelier.

ABC / Via @ENews

7. Derek's "frickin" count: too many.

tumblr / Via giphy

8. James Taylor and Jordan's fight is the equivalent of two 6th graders fighting over the last foam hockey stick in gym class.

tumblr / Via giphy

9. The scene of Derek crying in the car as Jojo & Chase dance to "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" seen below:

@chanelpuke / Via Twitter

10. Jojo is Oprah.

tumblr / Via giphy

You get a rose! You get a rose! EVERYBODY GETS A ROSE!

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