"Pretty Little Liars" Fatal Finale: Who Dunnit?

All we know is this bitch is blonde. [SPOILERS AHEAD.]

2. During its summer finale, Pretty Little Liars shocked fans by offing one of the show’s main characters, Mona Vanderwaal.

ABC Family / Via twitter/PLLbigA

Yes, she spent the first two seasons torturing the PLL’s, but the cute little evil-genius was starting to grow on us.

3. Within minutes, #RIPMona was trending on Twitter.

ABC Family / Via giphy.com

Fans tried to sort out their feels and theories, knowing the show will never be the same.

4. We only know one thing about Mona’s killer: she (he, it) has blonde hair.

ABC Family / Via analyzinga.tumblr.com

Using government-clearance-level technology and exceptional common sense, we’ve been narrowing down our suspect list.

5. That blonde hair could belong to Alison DiLaurentis…

ABC Family

She’s got the goldi-locks and the sociopathic swag.

6. Or the mysterious Cece Drake.

Last season, she confessed to killing Wilden, so she’s had practice stuffing bodies into trunks.

7. Hanna Marin might have been wearing extensions.

ABC Family

Miss “Does cheese melt?” Marin revealed that she scored highly on the “SCT.” Has she been playing dumb this whole time?

8. Perhaps this shady character from season one, episode nine did it.

That unidentified blonde looks GAF (guilty as fuck). The producers obviously placed her in the background to play with our minds. It’s working.

9. But maybe it was someone wearing a wig. Like Ezra Fitz…

ABC Family / Via faceinhole.com

10. Or Byron Montgomery…

ABC Family / Via faceinhole.com

11. Noel Khan…

ABC Family / Via faceinhole.com

12. Lieutenant Tanner…

ABC Family / Via faceinhole.com

13. Or Mona’s Boyfriend, Mike Montgomery.

ABC Family / Via faceinhole.com

Why was Mike with Mona in the first place? Access to her weapon collection, perhaps?

14. But there’s really only one person who could be capable of such a heartless crime…

ABC Family / Via giphy.com

15. Serena Van der Woodsen.

ABC Family

The best blonde hair in the YA cyber-bullying business.

16. She never got credit for being Gossip Girl, so maybe … She is A.

ABC Family

Why do you think Mona looked so surprised right before she got snuffed?

17. Okay maybe not. Only two things are clear: Mona will be missed…

ABC Family / Via giphy.com

Hope there are lots of porcelain dolls in Heaven!

18. And next season can’t come soon enough.

ABC Family / Via giphy.com

We’ll just be over here in fetal position until December.

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