Why We CAN’T WAIT For Kristen Wiig’s Flick, ‘Girl Most Likely’

This movie comes to theaters on July 19. Get ready for epic hilarity.

1. Audiences first fell in love with Kristen Wiig on a little show called SNL.

2. We loved her as The Target Lady.

3. And as Dooneese, the sister with impossibly small hands and a squirrel fetish.

4. She shone as Gilly.

5. And who can forget Kat and Garth?!

6. But it wasn’t until Bridesmaids that we were completely krazy for Kristen.

7. And now we get to see her on the big screen AGAIN as Imogene, a playwright in crisis in ‘Girl Most Likely.’

8. What could make this flick better? How about Annette Bening?

10. And this super mega hottie, Darren Criss, just makes everything better.

11. How can this movie be anything but fabulous and fun?

12. Plus, this movie gives great advice.


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