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What Are Some Crazy Smart Tricks That Save You Money?

Give the gift of gold.

So we've all been told that the way to save money is to stop buying daily cups of coffee.

Or, that we shouldn't eat out for lunch as often.

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And worse, that we need to find new ways to have outings with friends (who are wealthier).

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So basically become an anti-social netflexpert.

And while all these seem like good tips, how does one do them, REALISTICALLY??


But seriously, where's the fun when all the fun's been taken away?

So, we want to know: did you adopt a habit that helped you save?

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Change up your mode of transportation, convince co-workers to have pot-lucks throughout the week, or find a better way to exercise without paying fees?

Discover something useful and trash something useless?

USEFUL: That programmable thermostat.

USELESS: Landline phones.

How about that scary thing known as *investing*?

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Maybe you've found a fool-proof trick that forced you to put aside some money each month. Or, perhaps a great app you found to help you?

Whatever it is, we want to know how to become financially smart and well-endowed humans.

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Enlighten us with your money-saving hacks or tips in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!