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17 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You're Cool

Other than having really great hair.

1. Get better at a skill that you can share with others.

2. If you don't want to invest a lot of time in coordinating contrasting colors in your home or closet, just stick with one.

3. Take care of your skin because if it glows, people will pay attention to you.

4. Find something you love about yourself and show it off like every atom in the universe needs to see it.

5. If you're having people over, stock up on coffee table books that actually interest you.

6. Declutter! You automatically look 10 times better when you're less of a glum mess.

7. Learn that it's OK to not have to please everyone.

8. Don't hide your personality: Wear it.

9. Even if you know you're faking it on every level, at least look like you have your shit together.

10. Buy a few distinct, nice-looking everyday objects.

11. Smile (only when you want to) with the greatest-looking teeth.

12. Decorate your walls with slightly abstract and visually striking art prints.

13. Experiment with your appearance: If life's not static, then your looks don't have to stay fixed either.

14. Don't worry about not being super "fashionable." Just nail down the basics.

15. Instead of fearing your lack of creativity, open yourself up to it.

16. Be on top of your ambitions, your social life, and anything else you care about by keeping track of it all.

17. And, of course, rock the right pair of sunglasses.

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