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23 Unexpectedly Awesome Sweatshirts You Need In Your Life

They'll do the talking for you.

1. A sweatshirt that screams the thing that makes you happiest during every meal.

2. A sweatshirt that reminds you that you're a gem, just the way you are.

3. A sweater that's just so cheeky.

4. A sweater that speaks to your love for ice cream and then some.

5. A pullover that makes "ordinary" seem extraordinary.

6. A sweatshirt that demonstrates how soft and chivalrous you are, as a gentle woman.

7. A black checkered number that presents its own solution to a no-fun situation.

8. A sweatshirt that professes a love for bugs you didn't know you had until now.

9. A sweatshirt that puts your favorite person over everyone else.

10. A sweater that does the talking for a friend in need when there's too much pain and sobbing for words.

11. A MOOMIN! sweatshirt.

12. A pullover that's a testament to how you're just too good to be true.

13. A sweatshirt to prove to everyone else that you need two of everything sweet.

Get it from Kooding for $11.

14. A bunny-eared hoodie that proudly declares your favorite pastime to the world.

Get it from Yes Style for $26.91.

15. A sweater to brighten the mornings of your best girlfriends.

16. A pullover that's a pretty explicit reminder for anyone who's confused about what's on your shirt.

17. A pullover that leaves people guessing.

18. A sweatshirt that's the perfect way to deter people from talking to you.

19. A sweater that really describes your relationship with yourself spectacularly: "We're not good. We're super."

Get it from Front Row Shop for $41.

20. A hoodie that will probably anger your mom, but at least you'll be cute.

21. A pullover to proclaim your love for the greatest white substance in the world.

22. A sweater that's all about lovely people, especially you.

23. A sweatshirt that gives all your prospects a reason to never leave you.

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