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26 Ways You're Not Using Your Microwave To Its Full Potential

It's not just for frozen meals.

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1. Get delicious bacon by cooking it in layers of paper towels or by draping pieces over a microwave-safe bowl.

2. Steam all your veggies in steamer bags or by placing them in some water and covering.

3. If you want something that'll easily cook pasta and rice in the microwave, try these appliances.

4. Make your eggs scrambled, poached, hard-boiled, and even fried.

5. Pop popcorn in any paper bag.

6. While you'll never get the same texture as bread made in the oven, you can make gluten-free bread in 90 seconds.

7. If you're craving chips, lay tortilla pieces on a plate and microwave for 30-second periods, flipping them in between.

8. Or make potato chips by slicing potatoes really thin with a mandolin.

9. When heating up leftover rice, pasta, and dry breads, cover them with a damp paper towel to retain moisture.

10. Cook corn-on-the-cob easily and mess-free in just four minutes.

11. If you want something better than a cookie or a brownie, try this mochi cake.

12. Cook brown rice in 30 minutes instead of two hours.

13. Salvage stale bread by wrapping it in a damp paper towel.

14. Throw garlic in the microwave to make it easier to peel.

15. Make a whole loaf of banana bread in the microwave.

16. Toast your nuts evenly and efficiently in the microwave.

17. Place thicker foods on the outside of the plate so your entire meal heats up evenly.

18. Prepare pickles in the microwave that'll last you three months.

19. Froth milk by shaking it in a jar and then quickly microwaving in order to stabilize the foam.

20. Soften hardened brown sugar by placing a damp paper towel over it before microwaving.

21. Make healthy toppings for your oatmeal like dried fruits and toasted coconut.

22. Get fancy by steaming fish with sriracha mayonnaise.

23. For a romantic way to treat yourself, roast some garlic.

24. You can definitely cook potatoes, squash, and other thick-skinned foods in the microwave, but poke them first.

25. Microwave lemons and limes to make them easier to squeeze.

26. To get A+ results, convert recipe times to match your microwave power.

Finally, if your current microwave is a filthy cesspool, then maybe it's time to upgrade.

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